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Super White H4 LED Bulbs - $85.99
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Super Bright H4 LED Headlight

Made from naturally tinted glass - The colour on the bulb will never peel off! Comes with multiple adaptor pieces  and spring for complete universal fitment

*** Consumes same energy as a halogen bulb; will not trigger any warning sensors or cause signal lights to flash quickly ***

  •     Longer lasting than conventional halogen bulbs
  •     Non fading colours
  •     Unique look

LED Installation

Unlike conventional halogen bulbs, Motorcycle Enhancements' LED Bulbs have polarity. If the bulb does not light up after installed, try re-installing with connection points reversed.

Motorcycle Enhancements LED Bulbs are designed for use on 12V vehicles only


Captioned in the photo on the left are 2 Yamaha Roadstar 1600's. The one on the right is with your basic stock Headlight bulbs. The one on the left is our Super White LED H4 Headlight Bulbs (SWLED-H3) installed

Captioned in the photo on the right is the Yamaha Roadstar 1600 that was on the right from the previous photo. Installed Super White LED H4 Headlight Bulbs (SWLED-H4)

NOTE: Combined this with our Super White LED H3 Passing light Bulb (SWLED-H3) for maximum visiibility on the road.

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